Monza Park

Rondò delle Roveri

The Rondò delle Roveri, which is situated in the south-eastern part of Monza Park, is a fascinating clearing at the junction between ten scenographical tree avenues. 

The roundhouse, which was absent in the first drawings of Monza Park, appears for the first time on maps from 1814 where there was only a simple crossroad.
It consists in a wide circular meadow from which ten clay paths with a ray-arranged shape originate. These paths connect through a broad-leaved wood other contiguous junctions, such as the Rotonda dei Liriodendri and the Rondò degli Ippocastani, or lead to the Park’s borders. The current name Rotonda delle Roveri (literally “Roundhouse of Oaks”) refers to the presence of oaks that decorate its borders, alternating with hornbeams in the original drawing; the former name Rotonda del Cedro came from the presence of a majestic Lebanese cedar tree (the term “Cedro” means, indeed, cedar tree) that stood once in the middle of it.