Monza Park

Viale Mirabello

The tree avenue Viale Mirabello, which is vehicle-accessible, connects viale Cavriga with the avenue of Vedano, crossing the central area of the Royal Park, where some important buildings are located. 

Situated in the heart of the park and a little bit longer than a kilometer along the north-southern axis, viale Mirabello is one of the main points of attraction where you can admire the architectures and the landscape varieties of the place. It connects, indeed, the important Villa Mirabello with Cascina Casalta and, towards the south, it leads to Cascina Cattabrega and to Molino del Cantone near the meander of the river Lambro, and then reaches Cascina Cernuschi, situated beyond Viale Cavriga. In the past the racecourse structure was located exactly along viale Mirabello, where today the important avenue of hornbeams was renovated between the two residences of the family Durini: the two Villas Mirabello and Mirabellino.

The avenue, which already existed in the original structure planned by the architect Luigi Canonica and dated 1808, crossed the central meadow in the Park adorned by rows of trees that ran along the avenues, which connected the several plots and buildings. In the nineteenth-century blueprints and in the 1814 plan the avenue’s path is thus a strong sign on the Park’s territory, connecting the Royal Palace and its gardens to fertile lands and to the hunting wood and giving particular importance to the two villas Mirabello and Mirabellino, also through Viale dei Carpini that connected them. The avenue, which was completely tree-lined with rows of oaks, stretched for about three kilometres entering the Bosco Bello, where it intersected other paths in a roundhouse called Rondò della Stella, then going on until the northern border of the park. Since the 1920s the avenue underwent big changes after the construction of the Racetrack, which meant its interruption exactly where the F1 circuit is located. At the moment, passing through the subway of the former parabolic curve, it is possible to walk along the avenue inside the Racetrack, until the Variante Ascari, then going on along the former track, through the Rondò della Stella until the northern exit of the Park. With the current configuration we lose the importance of the visual and street axis. The avenue runs along two rows of oaks.