Monza Park

Viale dei Carpini between Mirabello and Mirabellino

The avenue, delimited by a double row of accurately pruned hornbeam, runs perpendicular to Viale Mirabello and scenographically connects the two Villas Mirabello and Mirabellino.

Built to scenographically connect Villa Mirabello and Mirabellino, the residences where the family Durini hosted and entertained prestigious visiting guests in Monza, Viale dei Carpini runs perpendicularly to Viale Mirabello and is delimited by two rows of ball-shaped hornbeam. In order to fully enjoy the perspective view and not to disturb the walking, on this avenue people could only walk; two lateral avenues beyond the tree rows were dedicated to carriages. In 1925, with the aim of making space for the Racecourse, the avenue was demolished and the precious perspective telescope was destroyed. Recently the area has been requalified and the avenue was renovated thanks to the planting of new trees.

Since the first version of Canonica’s project, Villa Mirabello and Mirabellino, where the family Durini hosted and entertained prestigious guests in Monza with worldly parties, have been given a lot of importance. In order to give value to the view of the Villas and to scenographically emphasise their connection, an avenue delimitated by two rows of ball-shaped hornbeams was realised. Already in the project of the nineteenth century, which is now kept in the Austrian State Archives in Vienna, the avenue, which is 600 metres long and perpendicular to Viale Mirabello, was surrounded by meadows, but inside it the visitor had the feeling of being “segregated by the near countryside”, because tall trees addressed his/her view and attention only to the villa towards which he/she was directed. Moreover, in the avenue it was not allowed to drive a vehicle, since carriages could not pass through it; to these “two vehicle-accessible streets” were dedicated. These were located on both sides of the main avenue, just beyond the tree rows.

In 1925 the area between the two Villas was completely revolutionised to make space for the building of the Racecourse: the hornbeam avenue was demolished and the precious perspective telescope was destroyed.

In 1976 the Racecourse was closed and in 1990 a fire destroyed what was left of the wooden stands. The area was recently requalified (2000) and the perspective view between the two Villas was renovated by the planting of two new rows of hornbeams, following the original project of Canonica. The avenue is wonderful in autumn when hornbeams change their leaves’ colour from green to bronze and can also be admired from the top of the Hill in Vedano, which is a “pleasant point of view” with a wide panoramic view on the Park.