Villa Reale

Giuseppe Maggiolini

In 1765 Giuseppe Levati committed to him the construction of a particular chest of drawers called canterano for the Villa Litta, the residence of the Marquis Pompeo Litta in Lainate (Milan), following the draw of the painter. As he finished the work, the quality of it went far beyond the project itself. Later, he contributed to the decoration for the wedding party of the Archduke Ferdinando of Austria, the son of the Empress Maria Teresa of Habsburg, with Maria Beatrice of Este, and thus he began to work for the royal court. In 1771, indeed, he was committed the realization of the floors in the Court Palace in Milan during the renovation made by Giuseppe Piermarini. On this occasion he met the architect from Perugia and other artists, among which also the painter Andrea Appiani and the architect Giocondo Albertolli.

The Archduke himself gave him the appellation of “Inlayder” of the Court of Habsburg. He became famous and his name started to be popular in several European courts. Still for the Royals of Austrian, he worked in 1777 on floors, decorations and furniture of the Royal Palace in Monza. 

(Parabiago, 13th November 1738- Parabiago 16th November 1814)